Dapur Malai

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About Small Caterer for Small Event Caterings. Fast food Joint for Delicious Homemade Burgers & Sole Distributor for Rempah Masak Hitam Warisan Perak.
Description Dapur Malai have 3 branches, operated by the children of Pg Hjh Aisah (or the grandchildren of Arwah Hjh Malai Rafeah) with different specialties:
1. Home-based @ Lumut known with its Dip Dip Burger, Jumbo Franks, Shaqa Wings and traditional food for small event caterings.
2. Salai Corner @ Tanah Jambu, famous with its Nasi Lemak Old Skool and Grilled Fish/Lamb/etc..
3. Dapur Malai Sweets @ Telanai offering scrumptious desserts and sweets.
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