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About Heron Bay Books is an independent book publishing company.
Meetup Group: http://bit.ly/ZKhcH2
Description Heron Bay Books is an independent book publishing company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of North Star Media, LLC. Its Managing Partner, Michigan native Joel Dorfman, who also serves as the Publisher of Heron Bay Books, runs North Star Media. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur Joel is a singer and songwriter as well. Based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Heron Bay Books was founded in August 2012 with a mission to support independent writers at every stage of the book publishing process.

Heron Bay Books offers talented writers affordable and supportive options which culminates in the publishing of their book. Writers receive assistance which includes, editing, cover design, layout, sales administration and marketing, along with sponsoring weekly writers meetings to facilitate writers connecting and networking with other local writers. Heron Bay Books also offers writing workshops and conferences to further connect local authors with the writing community.

From publishing biographies to fiction, action/thrillers to personal poems, and everything in between, Heron Bay Books is open to all genres. Heron Bay Books wishes to assist new and experienced authors in getting their best work to the marketplace for others to enjoy. Thus far, Heron Bay Books has published a children’s book titled “Robby’s Big Flying Adventure” by Michigan author Adele Corso Paxton and a Michigan writer’s anthology titled “Written in the Mitten” with submissions from twenty five Michigan authors. Heron Bay Books hopes to continue to grow and expand throughout Michigan and beyond.
Web site http://bit.ly/ZKhcH2

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