The Olaad Movement.

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Description Rules :
-No page Promotions
-No tagging of anyother page in comments except for this page..
-No links to the photos of other pages..
-No Abusive language.. it is only allowed for the admin ^_^ (Dictator ship)
-No Pangay with the girls..
Sab apki behnain hain :)
-No Pangay with the Bawys..
Sab apk bhai hain.. ^_^
-Nothing against Pakistan will be tolerated.. Jokes are one thing but accusing Pakistan of anything wont be tolerated -_-
-Nothing against Islam will be tolerated..
-As i have already mentioned that this is dictatorship so nothing Extreme against the admin wont be tolerated as well..

The rule Breaker will be banned immediately :)

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