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About Emmaus Auto Parts, Accessories and sound setup
Description Our services include:
Sound setup
Change oil
Tune up
Engine repairs
Under chassis repairs
Buffing and detailing

Car Accesories
Tint (Lumina/Platinum/3M)
Car Alarm (Spy by:Carsthetic)
HID (high and low/ single)
LEDs (bulbs/strips)
-Head Units (Pioneers, TEAC, Sony, Sting)
-Sub woofers (Pioneer, Sony xplode, JBL, RE, Atomic, Juggernaut)
-Customized sub boxes

We also have:
from oridinary to synthetic oils
-Head light bulbs
from pure yellow to all weather and super white
-Under chassis parts
>ball joint
>tie rod
>shock mounting
>shock absorber
>rack end
>stabilizer link
>suspension bushings
>velocity joint
-Spark plugs
-Wiper blades
-Battery Terminals
-Brake fluids
-Tire black to air fresheners

**We have installers, tinters and mechanics on duty
***We are open from Monday to Sunday 9am ONWARDS...
Phone 664-63-85
Web site Emmaus@facebook.com

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