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Mission Our mission is to foster an encouraging environment for artists from any background to showcase their work through whatever medium they choose. Previous work includes but is not limited to poetry, photography, graphic design, short fiction, printmaking, and photojournalism. Dossier has successfully responded to a lack of representation for UMKC artists and fashioned a publication not bound by strict idealism or form, but rather a continually-renewing document that is controlled and influenced by the students who create the content. All students, regardless of major or discipline, are invited to contribute work for review and publication. The current members of Dossier have made it their top priority to actively seek out a diverse selection of students to work with and feature in the publication, so that a comprehensive and culturally relevant document for the student population and Kansas City is produced.

In its charter year of 2009, Dossier Magazine has reached a multitude of students with enormous success. The students involved produced two full-color, professionally printed magazines that were representative of over 30 UMKC students' creative input. As the publication continues, the members hope the number of students involved will continue to climb.

This 2010-2011 academic year, active members have already committed to longer and more in-depth printed publications, a maximized internet presence to reach a wider audience, and events that will specifically drive the creative force at UMKC to confront the wider arts community. Along the way, members will be taught and counseled by experienced professionals who will be able to provide insight as to how improve writing, journalism techniques, photography, layout, and presentation.

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Overview Dossier Magazine is an inclusive, bi-annual, multi-purpose arts magazine that supports and celebrates the creative talent of students at UMKC and the entire Kansas City community.

Editor and Chief - Andrew Harold
Advisor - Paul Tosh
Alumnus Advisors - Paige Lockhart
Founding Editors - Tara Kloeppel & Corey Light
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