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About PWNT provides advanced solutions to the water supply market worldwide.
Description MISSION
PWN Technologies is a costumer focused value driven company which provides advanced solutions to the water supply market worldwide. We are founded to share the technologies of the impressive R&D programme of PWN Water Supply Company North Holland with others all over the world. All our revenues are invested in this R&D programme. This enables us to enhance our position as a leading solution provider, solving the worlds problems on water treatment.

PWN Technologies is one of the world's leading solution providers in the water supply market. We offer a wide variety of advanced solutions that are proven validated and implemented in day to day operations in the high-end market, as well as in developing countries.

We are differentiating through innovation and delivering leading edge solutions in technology, processes, products and services. Solutions that are proven, validated and implemented in day to day operations. Due to this approach our solutions are highly reliable, have a low cost structure and a small footprint. That is how sustainability and long term results go hand in hand.

Board of Executives
Mr. Pieter Spohr, CEO / CFOO
Mr. Peer Kamp, CTO
Mr. Jonathan Clement, Chief Business and Application Developments
Mr. Co Balm, Advisor

Research and Development
Mr. Gilbert Galjaard, Director
Mr. Erik Koreman, Senior Technological Researcher
Mr. Bram Martijn, Senior Technological Researcher
Mrs. Elisabeth Vaudevire, Technological Researcher
Mr. Jumeng Zheng, Technological Researcher
Mr. Harry Scheerman, Senior Process Engineer
Mr. Ron Wittebol, Process Operator
Mr. Rob Kooijman, Process Operator
Mr. Freek van der Molen, Process Operator
Mr. Marco Aalders, Asset Engineer
Mrs. Linda Greydanus, Management Assistant

Project Delivery
Mr. Herman Eken, Director
Mrs. Holly Shorney-Darby, Senior Technical Engineer
Mr. George Fels, Technological Planner and Control Engineer
Mrs. Mirjam Lakeman, Technical Engineer
Mrs. Manuela de Kuijer, Senior Project Assistant
Mrs. Wilma Entius, Junior Project Assistant

Global Marketing and Communications
Mrs. Debbie Middendorp, Director
Mr. Gerbrant Corbee, Manager Communications, PR and PA
Mr. Machiel de Rooij, Manager PA
Mr. Daniel Chua, Media Relation Officer South East Asia
Mr. Emiel Kok, Mr. Ralph Toll and Mr. Theo Puijk, Cross Media Creators
Mr. Daniel Rutten, Web Engineer

Mr. Jeroen Nachbar, Financial Manager
Mrs. Janita Visser, Project Control Manager
Mrs. Carina de Vries, Financial Assistant
Mr. Ronald Drenth, Financial Assistant

Front and Back Office
Mr. John van Brecht, Manager

Legal / Corporate Secretary
Mr. Aalt Bruinekool, Legal Advisor
Mr. John van Brecht, Contract Manager

Human Resources
Mr. Kor Kruize, Strategic Advisor

ICT Services
Mr. Dick Fikkert, CIO
Mr. Michel de Vos, Service Manager
Mrs. Kinga de Vos, Service Manager
Mrs. Marianne Keizer, Purchase Manager

Mrs. Pamela Welling, PA CEO / CFOO
Mrs. Nanny Gressie, Management Assistant

Singapore Office
Mr. Jonathan Clement, Managing Director
Mr. Arjen Nauta, Director of Operations
Mrs. Debbie Middendorp, Director Global Marketing and Communications
Mrs. Angeline Han, Management Assistant
Overview PWNT: Innovation Engine

PWNT, a subsidiary of PWN, was established to make the water supply company’s innovations in drinking water treatment globally available to water companies. The revenues of PWNT are invested in R&D programmes to strengthen PWN’s position as an innovative water supply company.

PWN Technologies is located in Velserbroek and Andijk and has a subsidiary in Singapore. In addition to high-end solutions, PWN Technologies delivers solutions for drinking water production in emerging countries, such as the Perfector series.

[PWN Water Supply Company North-Holland (head offices in Velserbroek) is a social enterprise operating on a nonprofit basis and fully owned by the province of North-Holland. Each year, 106 million cubic metres of drinking water is supplied to 750,000 private households, companies and institutions in the province of North-Holland at cost price. Water treatment takes place in water plants in Andijk, Bergen, Heemskerk and Wijk aan Zee, and in the dunes. In addition PWN manages more than 7300 hectares of natural areas between Zandvoort and Bergen on the province’s behalf. PWN had led the world with new innovations for water treatment such as advanced oxidation and membrane techniques.]
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