MTV Roadies (season 10)

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Description MTV Roadies X : Battle for Glory is the tenth season of MTV Roadies, a reality television show aired on MTV India. The auditions started on October 31, 2012 and were held in Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. The show started airing on MTV India from January 19, 2013 with new episodes airing every Saturday at 7:00 pm IST.The series was won by veteran roadie Palak Johal, originally from Season 6, of Team Raghu. She won the title on May 11, 2013. Her grand price included a total cash price of ₹ 450,000, a Hero Impulse bike and an HP laptop.FormatFor the tenth season, the show changed its format. The contestants were divided into two teams - Rannvijay's team composed of participants selected in the audition, and Raghu's team composed of contestants who appeared on previous versions of the series. 16 ex-roadies were shorlisted with the list released on the show's official Facebook page and Twitter account consisting of Nihal Nikam, Roopali Anand, Anmol Singh, Avtar Nischal, Renee Dhyani, Kanak Raju, Anirudh Sharma, Palak Johal, Diyali Chauhan, Mohit Saggar, Devarshi Patel, Tamanna Sharma, Suchit Singh, Pooja Bannerjee, Roop Bhinder and Shambhavi Sharma. After surviving periodic cuts 8 roadies emerged to join the official list of contestants. A new format for elimination was also adopted where the contestant(s), getting the most votes in a vote-out, from either team are sent to battle each other or opponents from the opposing team. The loser is consequently ousted from the show.The season's theme song is "Jajabor" - a collaboration between singer Papon and Raghu, and sung in Assamese and Hindi.

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