Karel Balcar

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Description Karel Balcar is a Czech painter.LifeBalcar studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague (1984-1985) and at the University of Economics, Prague (1986-1987). In 1992 he enrolled Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and graduated in 1999 from studio of professor Zdeněk Beran. Most of his exhibitions since then have been in Prague, including venues such as the Liechtenstein Palace, town hall and the Rudolfinum but also the cities of Brno, Hradec Králové and at the Czech Centre in New York City.He lives and works in Prague.WorkMotto: What I regard as important I paint, especially the important things that fascinate me.A selection-oriented approach to the concept of portrayal painting, the type of specialized orientation on figures, along with characteristic content, distinguishes Karel Balcar’s work from the majority of mainstream production in the Czech Republic – a conviction which has been confirmed by all the exhibits he has taken part in. Nonetheless, when one accounts for what the recent and contemporary events of the richly stratified pluralist scene of modern art in the world, it can be said with a clean conscience that an entirely evident and cogent context is at work here.In his voluminous publication “Art Today” Edward Lucie-Smith writes in one of several chapters dedicated to portrayal painting: One of the most surprising changes brought by the development of art in the last thirty years is that many artists have once again begun to scrutinize the pre-modernist past.

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