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About Orugallu ( Oru means one and gallu is stone in local dialect telugu )
Description Warangal, once the capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom, is the fifth largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Warangal's History, with beautiful lakes, fine temples, rich fauna & flora have contributed to its importance as a Tourist Centre. The ancient name of Warangal was known to be Oruguallu or Omtikonda on account of huge boulder like hillock situated near the swayambhu Siva Temple and is also called "EKASILANAGARAM". In course of time, it was called as "Orugallu", and finally known as Warangal. Warangal the ancient Kakatiya Kingdom has everything to satisfy the thirst of tourist all over the world. It has beautiful Lakes , Forts, Architectural Monuments, Wild Life Sanctuary, Musical Garden , Rock Garden, Vana Vigyana Kendra, Regional Science Centre , a fine blend of new and old. The Capital of Kakatiyas is just 150 KM from Hyderabad , the capital of Andhra Pradesh.
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