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About A real chef in Vernon Owns This Restaurant.
Over 25 years Certified From Montreal Canada and The Ukrain

Markontis Cafe is a growing family business that specializes in authentic Ukrainian food.
Our Chef has much restaurateur experience in various cities across Ukraine and Canada.
He will help you to discover the flavour of all the ingredients, cooked to perfection so that you can enjoy
a unique food experience.

We believe that Markontis Cafe with our traditional Ukrainian menu and new must-try items,
including Piroshki, Crepes, Pelmeni etc. will allow us to bring our delicious food not only to locals but to
Vernon’s visitors as well.

Good home grown cooking breakfast or lunch.|
Western Menu and Ukrainian Food Vernon BC
Perogy House Vernon
Catering Menu
Cabbage Rolls
Ukeranian Ham Sausage Helmuts
Rice Pilaf
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Feta and Parsley
Phone 250 351 4334
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