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About Soi LK Metro Pattaya
Description LK Metro in Pattaya is an L-shaped Soi (made for partying!) connecting Soi Buakhao to Soi Diana. It’s the best alternative to Walking Street if you’re bored of the slow moving groups of tourists you find there. And even though it’s cheaper, don’t worry, the girls are still hot. ;P
All pool is free in these places, just get a drink and start playing! Most of the bars and the agogos serve draught beer starting from 60 Baht but you’ll find other options, especially in the agogo bars for spirits such as Whisky. If you’re feeling a bit shy and you want to a get a good reaction from the girls then stand up and ring the bell by the bar in the agogo bars and you’ll soon be the most popular guy there when you’ve bought them a round of drinks.
You can find a number of beer bars and agogo bars, with the likes of Malibu Agogo, Campagne Agogo, Oscars Agogo, I Rovers Sports Bar, Kilkenny, The Office Agogo, Paradise Agogo, Showgirls Agogo, Amethyst Agogo, Devil’s Den, FunHouse, Crystal, Bachelo, Lady Love, Destiny, Queen Club, Kiss and Sugar Sugar. All are lively with friendly, attractive girls looking to take care of your every need. Some are even open almost 24 hours a day!
Some bars have happy hours where draught beer will be around 60-70 Bahts for before 9pm and then 75+ Bahts afterwards with some bars having special days/nights like cheap Leo beer night or free pizza night.
You can have all of this at your doorstep if you like! With rooms and guesthouses on offer you can find a room for as little as 500 Thai Bahts with most coming with AC, cable TV and internet.
And when you’ve had a long night on the alcohol, head down to one of the bars and grab a big breakfast to get yourself back to fighting health or even go down to some of the Irish bars for some great food and ice cold Guinness. Every part of the area is designed for you to have a good time and you’ll be able to get whatever you’re looking for.
You’ll find LK Metro Pattaya just off the greater Soi Burkhao area which is a long row of bars that many foreigners call home.
LOVEPATTAYA highly recommends you visit LK Metro Pattaya. It is an essential to-do for your Thailand bucket list!
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