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Description "Very tragic and generous. Abusive, private, and personal. Poetry, at its finest. Open to interpretation, yet clear on its own terms." - S.A. Hesitand

"I feel like I just listened to about ten CD's; took lyrics from everything I heard and wrote them down into a compile of self perpetual "hate" towards an ex. The compilation serves well." - Michael

"Can I claim you a prodigy?" - Michael D. Grover

"You are absolutely brilliant. I still cannot believe that you could possibly have lived a shorter version of life than myself. You write with the wealth of wisdom most of us fools don't get until we hit the fashionably late years of our lives." - Lola Nation

"You have an interesting style ... Clever plays on words ... You also like to toss around saying and weigh them, and that makes this ... charming. I simply love the sarcasm, insightful commentary ... You have a very detached feel, almost like watching yourself acting out the scenes of your life, taking notes to write it down later. It's thoroughly analytical and sharp." - Rob

"That is pure talent, no matter what you say. Not everyone can spout off something so profound, yet simple and understandable." - Jesse

"You just answered the one question everyone has been asking for billions of years." - alias "Twinkle Toes"

"If you never write another line, you have succeeded here." - Barry Simiana

"I'd tell you my favorite part; but there are too many." - Sarah Hillis

"This is a good piece, and made up of other bits knitted together it makes a very good read. The ambiguity ... offers many different threads of thought." - Barry Simiana

"You make words sing beautiful melodies." - Tressie Weide
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