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About We are a fully functional battle station. By that we mean our store is a tournament venue, comic book and tabletop game retailer.
Description WEEKLY EVENT SCHEDULE (Subject to change without notice.):
Sundays - Super smash Bro's Day!!!! 5 p.m
Mondays - Pokemon League TCG or 3DS 5-8 p.m., free
Tuesdays - Table top Game day!!! Come try it out!
Wednesdays - New Comics Arrive 5 p.m., Force of will draft days! 5 p.m
Thursdays - Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Format Tournament 6 p.m., $5
Fridays - Friday Night Magic Standard Tournament or EDH 6:30 p.m., free/$5
Saturdays - Cardfight Vanguard Tournament 6 p.m., free/$5

The Hero Zone has been in Sandusky, OH over 10 years in various forms and is currently located in its beautiful downtown location on Market Street. We are a 2,500 square foot venue that specializes in card, board, role-playing, and miniature games. In addition to its retail side, The Hero Zone is a place for anyone who considers themselves a nerd, geek, or otherwise a part of the sub-pop culture.

Do you want to talk about the latest card game meta? The latest comic-based movie? Past adventures of your favorite RP character? THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE! Open late (and sometimes later), we pride ourselves on offering an evening alternative to bars and fostering a competitive atmosphere that is regulated by good sportsmanship.
Phone (419) 621-0282
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