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About KB Guitars was founded by Ken Bebensee in 1989 to produce and continually improve designs of new and custom stringed instruments. Ken builds each instrument one by one, each to a unique and higher standard.
Description In 1984 Ken Bebensee started building guitars and basses in his dad's garage in Redding, CA. in 1989 Ken moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly State University and started the brand of KB Guitars and Basses. In November 2001 KB Guitars moved to North San Juan, CA, and in 2004 to the present location also in North San Juan.
Mission "My intention is to build instruments that play perfectly and sound great, using unique shapes and exquisite material, put together with incredible craftsmanship and designed to out-last our lifetimes.
Phone (530) 292-0156
Web site www.kbguitars.com

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