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About We are dedicated to the breeding of TICA registered Exotic Bengal Cats with great type and beautiful large rosetted pelts that are well socialized.
Description I have always been a huge animal lover and I am living a dream by being able to be surrounded by the beauty and energy of my cats. It is important to me to provide an environment that they are able to thrive in and live the life that a cat should live. Cage is a dirty word here. Our cats have their own indoor home of 2500 sq ft. with individual 10x10 rooms all furnished with their own cat wheel, trees and toys. They also have a three acre outdoor kitty oasis that is fenced for their protection. This area contains trees to climb, dirt to roll in and a pond that they love to play around and a couple of them in.
If you are looking for kittens then you need to look at the adults to know what their development will look like as an adult. I am still learning and always will be so some of my ideas have changed or "fined tuned" to get the look that I love in these beauties. Socialization is crucial in breeding and what a job to be surrounded by sweet little kitties in my day! This is a match made in heaven for me :)
Phone (661) 342-9347
Web site http://www.leapoffaithbengals.com/default.html

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