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Description Manchester Pets and Aquatics (M/cr Pets or MP&A) hit the ground running when they opened as a pet store over 40 years ago. We are told with one basic strategy – To do it better than it’s been done before! And it would appear they’ve done just that as virtually all of the original pet shops have now gone (wonder why!). More recently they’ve spent massive energy and money to create a bigger and better pet store than ever – we think it’s truly incredible. With budgies to parrots, mice to monkeys, the best choice in quality reptiles, plus if you keep cold water fish, tropical or marine, they are all there in quantity and quality whilst at the lowest prices.

Ron Bale, their owner Manager, says that’s only half the story. We’ve the most friendly, knowledgeable staff, each with their own specialist knowledge. Then there’s the store caves housing well over 100 aquariums plus over 100 vivariums. A menagerie with the cutest to the most exotic pets and no where else offers choice and quality in parrots etc, often over 100 in stock. Some that talk, others that dance, many that just love your company. Plus he carried on to say; then we have our own brilliant store pets that couldn’t be bought at any price. Put all this in a Robinson Crusoe setting and you’ve only got some of the picture that MP&A offer, and before you stop me I must tell of our choice, quality and lowest prices!. Plus backup that’s second to none. Then there’s free coffee for all customers. Is it any wonder that a lot of celebs shop with us!

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