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Description Cow Finished Leather : “A good leather should have substance (thickness) and should feel alive with tallow.”

We are engaged in offering a diverse range of Cow Finished Leather at reasonable prices. These leather are ideal for the manufacturing of garments, shoe uppers and other leather goods. With the support of our workforces and resources, we meet the individual requirement of clients within a committed time frame.

GOAT SUEDE : Goat suede is subcategory of suede which is itself a subcategory of leather. Goat refers to the type of animal skin used, while suede refers to a specific treatment used to achieve a soft nap on the leather. Whereas full-grain leather is made from the outer side of an animal skin, that which the fur was attached to, suede leather uses the inner side. The inner side is more supple to begin with but is further softened and made flexible by buffing its surface to create the slightly fuzzy texture of suede. Some skins may also be split, the inner side of the leather from the outer side, leaving very flexible and soft suede.

While softer and often considered more comfortable than full-grain leathers, suede is less durable and requires more upkeep. A stiff brush, with soft bristles, should be used regularly to loosen and brush away dirt that may be attracted to the suede’s surface. Water can badly stain suede, so a waterproofing spray should be applied directly after brushing at least once a year and more frequently if the suede item is used constantly. Note that any waterproofing spray should be tested in an inconspicuous spot for discoloration.

hould water damage the suede, there are some methods of recovery. For shoes, cloth, dampened slightly with water or vinegar may be rubbed across the surface of the suede to smooth out spots of discoloration. Shoes should be stuffed for shaping and to prevent shrinking if they become very wet and similarly garments such as jackets should be laid out to dry and stretched occasionally if they become wet. There are commercial suede cleaners, but once again, they should be tested for discoloration in a hidden. Perhaps the best way to recover damaged suede is to take it to a professional leather shop. While pricier, it may achieve the best results and prolong the life of the suede.

Goat suede, like most leathers, is expensive. The quality of the goat suede, based on the health of the skin when harvested, marks present from fences or other obtrusions, will directly affect the price of the goat suede. However, if purchasing goat suede or any other type, it is wise to spend a little more for a higher quality item. Cheaper suede is usually made from split skins, meaning they are very delicate and likely to rip or tear within a couple of years. If looking for the appearance and feel of suede without the price, there are many alternative options on the market made from fabrics with naps or textures similar to suede. Along with a smaller price tag they offer less upkeep. It may be worth investing in one good goat suede item, relishing it, and buying other accessories in alternative fabrics.

Nappa leather or Napa leather is a full-grain leather, typically dyed, made from unsplit kid-, lamb- or sheep-skin by tanning with salts of chromium or aluminium sulfate, and noted for softness and durability. It is often used in high-quality leather products such as high-end furniture and accessories. One example would be interiors of luxury vehicles.
The Tanning process which produces Napa leather was invented by Emanuel Manasse in 1875 while working for the Sawyer Tanning Company in Napa, California

Leather Care : One speaks of two groups or types of leather care:

a) Surface Care
Leather articles and shoes are cared for with crèmes and wax lotions, this is atypical surface care. These products beautify the surface and protect it from dirt.

b) Penetrating Care
Penetrating care is achieved with leather oils and fats. These assure the leather maintain its supple soft touch and helps assure the water repellency.

1. Care of Velour, Suede, Nubuk Leathers
Here no fats or waxes are used, this closes or gums the surface.
These leathers are cleaned by brushing or lightly sanding the surface with sandpaper or sanding fleece, cleaning it from dirt or stained areas. Impregnating Spray is recommended.

2. Care of Nappa Leather (smooth surface)
Depending on the need the surface should be cleaned with a gentle detergent. Soaking of the leather should be avoided. After drying at room temperature the leather should be creamed with a leather crème and polished with a clean rag.
Is your special garment regardless of your care still not presentable, bring it to a cleaner who specializes in leather garments. Here it will be professionally cleaned, impregnated and through special touch up coloring brought back to life.

Overview B.N.A. LEATHERS: A company established in 1997 India "CHENNAI". Since 1997 we are providing and exporting best Finished Leathers in worldwide market. Our motto is customer satisfaction by providing good quality Stuff. Our main Stuff is Goat garments Suede, Goat Shoe Suede, Sheep Napa and many more. We also produce Leather Jackets for men and Women. It will be our pleasure to make deal and a very healthy relationship between us.
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