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Starting from it´s foundation in 2002, Tchernov Cable products are made with the aim to keep highest authenticity when transferrin
Description สายลำโพง สายสัญญาน สายไฟ ผลิตในรัสเซีย ด้วยทองแดงคุณภาพสูง ให้เสียงที่เป็นธรรมชาติมากที่สุด

Balanced Refined Coppers selected from rich Russian Copperzone Ural



Tchernov Cable made its debut in High End audio in 2002 when a select range of innovative and compromise free audio and video cables was released. Entirely designed and built in Russia they employed some very unusual techniques to achieve a level of performance considerably ahead of their competitors. Further advancements in design and manufacture followed over the next decade. Thanks to a number of ground-breaking proprietary technologies, Tchernov Cable has grown to be one of the most highly regarded brands in the domestic market. Our “Made in Russia” products have met with international acclaim from the audio press and public alike. We are a company of music lovers and audio enthusiasts with our passion reflected in every piece of our work.

“We offer our customers an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge design and engineering with the world’s finest materials and make them available for a competitive price without inflated costs for ridiculous cosmetics!”

This viewpoint is what drives the Tchernov Cable team to create its products. We strive to capture the unique timbre of individual instruments and the individual style of performers playing them to keep the musical message intact with no loss of nuance or fine detail. By accurately transferring the musical data that makes up this individuality, our cables help to reveal the elegance and emotion of the greatest musicians both ancient and modern. Absolute transparency and unparalleled musicality are what Tchernov Cable is widely associated with and this fundamental design intent is embodied in all our products regardless of price.
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