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About Home of Architectural Salvage Warehouse
Description The Sears Building is home to the Preservation Resource Center, the Center for Coastal Heritage, and the Architectural Salvage Warehouse. Preservation and Conservation staff are on site and available Monday-Friday and the Architectural Salvage Warehouse is open for business Wednesday-Saturday, 9-4.

The Architectural Salvage Warehouse has offered architectural salvage for resale for the past twenty years. All materials are donated from renovation or demolition projects around the Island. We accept most types of architectural elements for donation, including:
Bathroom Fixtures
Door & Window Hardware
Balusters and Handrails
Decorative Woodwork (crown molding, bead-board, base-boards, chair rails, and trim)

When searching for a particular item, it is best to check in often because We regularly receive new donations.

All donations to the Galveston Historical Foundation are tax deductible and all proceeds benefit the Galveston Historical Foundation. You may drop off your donations during regular business hours or schedule pick-ups by contacting Joe Janota at 409-750-9108 or
Mission Galveston Historical Foundation preserves and revitalizes the architectural, cultural and maritime heritage of Galveston Island.
Overview Galveston Historical Foundation's Preservation and Conservation promotes Galveston's architectural heritage. We operate several programs, including the Preservation Resource Center, the Revolving Fund, the Center for Coastal Heritage, and the Architectural Salvage Warehouse.
Phone (409) 750-9108
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