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About are high-tech, fiber optic fashion, decor, and fabric that is luminescent!
Description LumiNight USA is a business in the USA that sells/distributes LUMINEX luminous fiber optic material and products. From high tech luminous clothes, LED lit luminous decorations, and more. This amazing product is made in Italy. We sell ONLY products made from LUMINEX material including Sola Sposa Wedding dresses and LumiGram fashion and decor. Please watch the video below that explains how the material is made.

Are you looking for high tech luminous fashion and decor? Are you wondering about the latest festival fashion trends for EDC Las Vegas and Burning Man? Have you been searching for luminous clothing? Have you seen the other LED lit clothing and decor on the market? LumiNight USA offers fashion, home decor, event decor, and anything your brain can imagine using fiber optic fabric and illuminates and shines bright like a diamond in the sky and will blow your mind.

LumiNight USA can help you create so many different fashion, decoration, running gear, biking gear, costumes, or safety products using fiber optic material with a very tiny but powerful LED light to shine through the fiber optics (as thin as thread). There is nothing else in the world like LUMINEX fabric, and there is no better company to work with than LumiNight USA!

Are you into cutting edge fashion?
Are you looking for high-tech fashion?
Wondering where you can get custom led clothing?
Have you thought about wearing luminous fashion, illuminating t-shirts, or other clothing that can light up?
Wouldn’t you love a table runner at your Christmas or Hanukkah party that lights up and looks like stars twinkling in the night?

The fabric is high quality and made in Italy. The material is durable, high-end, and luxurious! You can purchase anything your heart desires to do with this fabric. We can sell you just the LED textile or customized fashion and decorations.
Mission To illuminate people's life using fashion technology to wear, decorate and design whatever the heart desires.
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