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About Zlotnik's – An Uncompromising Artistic Empire
specializes in bad-ass puppets, books,
song lyrics, and script translations.
Description Being the artsy types, we're ready to sell out at a moment's notice if the price is right. So if you've got a movie script that the Weinstein Bros. are dying to read, and you're dying for somebody to help you craft it into American-English, drop us a line.

Clients: Angel Films, CEC Film, Copenhagen Bombay, Forlaget Mina, Miso Film, NWR, SF Film, Toolbox Film, Zentropa, The Weinstein Company and others.

Cases: 'Klovn – The Movie', Bille August's 'Quiet Heart', 'Rita' (tv-series), 'Dicte' (tv-series), 'Råzone', 'Amina's Letters' – and, yes, a secret project for The Weinstein Company, among others.
Mission To achieve artistic world domination.
Overview Founder and CEO: Miloš Zlotnik
Personal Assistant: Niklas Press
Phone +4525385592
Web site http://www.zlotniks.com

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