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About The premier private golf club in St. Pete, FL -
Description Golf course architect Ron Garl, whose genuine and intuitive love for the game of golf sets him apart, designed Renaissance Vinoy Golf Club. He understands the importance of a complete golf experience, and painstakingly designs courses to appeal to the average player as well as Tour level player. Garl creates dynamic experiences that are innovative to the game, while preserving the game’s spirit and traditions.

Garl is also a recognized authority on golf course environmental issues. He believes that a great course must either enhance the natural site or create a new environmentally sound one that coexists with Mother Nature. While out on the course, you may spot great blue herons, sandhill cranes, snowy egrets, owls, as well as an assortment of musical songbirds.

Overall etiquette
Consideration of others is the most important rule of golf. Profanity, club throwing and emotional behavior will not be allowed under any circumstance.

Golf shop check-in
All golfers must register in the golf shop before each round of play. This rule applies to all players, regardless of type of membership or guest status. Golf professionals are responsible for play on the golf course, and will supervise all starting arrangements, from the first and tenth tee.

Rules of play
USGA Rules of Golf govern all play. Violations should be formally reported to the golf professionals for further action.

Golf attire
Appropriate golf attire is required at all times on the course and on the practice range. Shorts are permissible for both men and women golfers, provided they are Bermuda or walking-shorts length. Men and junior male golfers must wear collared shirts. Shirts, blouses or sweaters and shoes must be worn at all times. Tennis or “short” shorts, cut-offs, “coaching” shorts, jeans, tee shirts and tube tops are not acceptable attire.

Break between nines
Players stopping for lunch or refreshments between nines must inform the starter when leaving the first nine holes of play. Before continuing play, golfers must check with the starter for their tee-off sequence. Continuing players have priority, and players stopping for refreshments must surrender their position to oncoming players.

No twosomes will be permitted to start at any time on any day when play is heavy, without permission from the golf professionals or golf shop. Golf professionals will arrange a foursome. Fivesomes are only permitted upon approval of golf professionals and when speed of play and course conditions permit.

Golf cars
The use of golf cars is mandatory, except members may walk after 2:00 p.m. Only two persons will be permitted to ride in a golf car. Only individuals holding a valid driver’s license will be permitted to operate golf cars. Golf cars are restricted to paths on all holes. The use of privately owned golf cars is prohibited.

Single Rider Golf Car
Vehicle is available at this location; please contact the golf shop in advance for reservations and to ensure availability.
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