EMMA Acres

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About Family Owned And Operated
Member of Rhody Fresh Milk Co-Op
Cabot Cheese
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Exeter, Rhode Island
Description Located in Exeter, this 12-acre farm has around 32 milking cows in its 60-head herd of primarily Jersey cows. The name EMMA comes from owners Scooter and Cynthia LaPrise's 4 kids: Elizabeth, Matthew, Margaret and Alexandra.

The first two cows were bought for the children to show at 4-H exhibitions, which they still do today. Scooter was awarded the 2007 Conservation Farmer of the Year for his efforts in building a new milking facility and manure storage.
Phone (401) 855-0762
Web site http://www.cabotcheese.coop/pages/about_us/farmer_stories/featured_farm.php?farm=65 http://www.rhodyfresh.com/about_us.html

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