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Description GATTS (K) LTD was incorporated on November 14, 2006 under the Companies Act (Cap.486) of the Laws of Kenya. It is, thus, a duly registered limited liability company; founded & managed by professional & experienced car dealers with strong links and background working knowledge with leading car auction centers in Japan. The Co., as it is today, is an automobile entity with specialization in car dealership, tracking services, automobile quick fit bay, taxis & car hire services, and executive car wash.
Business Strategy and Policies

GATTS (K) LTD continues to improve and excel on its original scope and performance owing to a dedicated strategy implementation team and insights. Some of its strategy formulations are highlighted here below:-

* Wherever and whenever possible to offer an all-round-the clock services to the convenience of her clients.
* To continually integrate industry standards with client quests for better satisfaction.
* To always factor in the latest available technologies applicable in the local market, so as to remain a top class player.
* To price her works and services at the most competitive price that is possible at any one time.
* To offer her clients impeccable back-up and support services to match the best in the industry.
* To strengthen our core competencies to cope with emerging business trends by continually investing in manpower, technology and business capital.
* To continually adapt to the changing business environment and market conditions.

Our value creation and addition

GATTS (K) LTDLTD sees herself as adding value to clients' infrastructure and holdings as well as creating social capital. This is achieved in several ways as suggested above. Our clients do attest to the quality of our works and services. In conjunction with our mother company in Japan, we have been able to establish presence in Japan, India, China, Turkey, Dubai, Cyprus, Uganda and Kenya. Some of our local (Kenyan) clients includes: Guenco University, Lulu Safaris, Front Fruit Food Industry, etc

Partnerships and Alliances

We have partnered with some Motor & Information Technology industry heavyweights in Japan and China so as to provide our clients with the best the global industry has to offer. For instance our servers are hosted in Japan and they offer us round the clock I.T support including training of our local manpower to keep abreast with the latest developments in the I.T industry.
Customized Delivery

As an experienced and resourceful company, we have on numerous occasions originated solutions and adjusted our works and services to meet client demands. While motoring may be precise, motoring solutions can always be improvised and/or adjusted to clients' needs. Just sample some of our services like tracking & you will always choose us for your motoring needs. This is indeed our strength since we are not hampered by extensive bureaucracies associated with large corporations nor the inefficiencies that characterize small unprofessional firms.
Performance review and staff appraisal

We continually review the quality and quantity of our performance individually and as an entity. In this respect we continually appraise our staff for record purposes as well as for promotions and identification of training needs. Most important, however, we desire to meet and exceed the needs of all our clients and thus this exercise. In some cases, we have in fact sought external reviews
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