Ekklesia Dance Theater Company

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Description Ekklesia is defined as a called out BODY of believers.

Ekklesia Dance Theatre Company (EDTC) passion is to move people. “Dance is the Universal Language of the Soul. It has the ability to create a connection with ones self mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is the language of the body, the language of a humans’ entire being. Movement expresses what words alone cannot say!”

Our style is The “Branching Technique,” using many styles and genres of dance as inspiration combined with each performer’s own specialty and background of training.
“Our vine: is dance. Our branches: each unique style or dancer, fused together and connected to the vine; we have our amazing and unique tree, our dance company, our style,”Branching!”
Mission Inspire, Love, Peace, Creativity, for all Mankind; through the beautiful art of dance, theater and performing arts. We are creating, dancing, performing, and educating to make a difference in our world.
Web site www.dancing2makeadifference.org

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