May It Please The Court, A book by Mafasho Michael Mwape Moono

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About This book is an awesome insight into the troubles of young lawyers, and a good read for all. The book makes reference to the New York Bar and Zambian bar.
Description Those who are gifted with the power of persuasion may use the abilities of many to their advantage. The rest of us will have to rely on this book for that aid. A concise insight into the troubles of a Moot Court student, to the arduous rules that govern a lawyer's very existence, to the introduction of young and old lawyers to structured legal drafting and then to become a practical guide for achieving court-room success, this book is a realistic and pragmatic approach to attaining expertise in all forms of legal advocacy. With reference to the Zambian Bar and some reference to the New York Bar, the book spans across different legal systems instilling confidence and creating competent advocates.
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