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About 第十六屆嶺南大學賽馬會堂E座宿生會幹事會
The 16th Hostel E Residents' Association, Lingnan University
Description E-Lead 的名字取自英文字 Elite的諧音。Elite有精英的意思,我們之所以取名E-Lead,是因為在過去十五屆宿生會的苦心經營下,Hostel E 的宿生一直對宿舍生活感到十分滿意,我們希望以過去的宿生會作為榜樣,並成為其中的Elite--精英。在接下來的一年間,不斷提升自己,為宿生提供優質而貼心的服務,成為宿生的依靠,正如我們的理念 ‘Lend Emates A Dependence’ 。

Our name, E-Lead, originates from the pronunciation of the word “Elite”,meaning “the best of the best”. There are several reasons why we named our cabinet as “E-Lead”. Over the past 15 years, Emates have enjoyed the hostel life under the guidance and efforts made by the previous 15 Residents' Associations, we wish to follow the steps of the former leaders and to act as Elites so as to guide all Emates in the future. We are devoted to serve all Emates in the coming year. We promise to strive for the best and to make improvements in order to achieve our motto - 'Lend Emates A Dependence'.

而E-Lead本身亦有更深層的意思。E自然是代表Hostel E,而Lead本身亦是化學金屬「鉛」的英文名稱。鉛作為一種化學元素,並不是十分罕有,價格亦十分平民化,但同時卻有數之不盡的功用。我們E- Lead希望成為Hostel E的「鉛」,以鉛的功用作為我們的精神。

There are also some metaphorical meanings underlying our name E-Lead :
E represents Hostel E while Lead refers to a type of metal. Despite Lead is a common and affordable type of metal, it has a wide variety of functions in our daily lives. We would like to become the “lead” of Hostel E and make its functions as our spirit.
Mission —. 聯繫宿生


1. Maintain close relationship with our Emates

Lead is affordable, which means that E-lead is approachable. When Emates face any difficulties, they can look for us at anytime. We are willing to be the communication channel and tackle problems for everyone. We will try our best to maintain harmony and cohesion among Emates, at the same time, to join hands with Emates in creating a fruitful hostel life.

二. 為宿生提供能量


2. Provide energy to Emates

Lead ion is one of the important materials of battery. We wish to be the “battery “of all Emates and give them energy and warmth.

三. 維護宿生權益


3. Defend Emates interests

Lead is a kind of construction materials. It is very hard and anti-erosion which suggests that we are strong enough to be the shelter of Emates’. We will fight for the best interests for Hostel E and enhance the sense of cohesion.
Web site http://www.ln.edu.hk/hostele

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