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About It's A Stunting group of Lucknow Boys, who started this Group with a Boy named DANISH ALI SIDDIQUI on 16th March'11. Now a days it is tha most Popular Group Among the Teenagers of Lucknow. its makin History in Fields of Stunting. This group is at the top
Description It is a Motorcycle Stunt/Drift Team called "PSyCHO ARMy" or "PSyCHOz" in short.
First off we are called The PSyCHOz
because we perform shows with various riders from all over.....
And some riders are even from other teams making us truly
what we like to call a Stunt Army.

We are a fully insured professional stunt group that has
been really getting our name on the map over the past 1 year. We have performed a various
Indoor events, dealership demos, school functions, college fests and
everything in between.
Not only do we travel up and down the cities
performing shows, we
recently started doing fund raising events for
charities as well. We have a large web following and a
reputation for being one of the top stunt team in

PSyCHO ARMy is one of the most versatile stunt team around today.
This is because we can perform anything from our 80cc scooters to our 250cc bikes.

Our shows have been called more exciting and impressive than some of the top stunt teams in the industry today.
If your event requires ground breaking excitement and professional entertainment than look no further than

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Yasir Kazmi
(Manager PSyCHO ARMy)
Phone 8960000046

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