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About Koleex International Group for trading and manufacturing products. Koleex established in 2012 it located in Cairo, Egypt.
Description Owing to a successful growth rate year after year and aligning with the expansion strategy of the company, by operating in 5 companies. Koleex Electric, Koleex Projects, Koleex Machinery, Koleex Lighting and Koleex Industrial.

Koleex International Group has become a significant contributor to the economic growth in Egypt through its development into a well-established group with extensive holdings, both locally and beyond borders in several other Middle Eastern & African countries as well as some European & Asian countries. With the goal of providing our customers a one-stop solution in terms of Designing, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, trading and manufacturing.

Even during lean economic times, Koleex International Group has been able to maximize its commitment to improve efficiency by ensuring that its management possesses the expertise and talent necessary for the most critical business needs and has thus succeeded in maintaining a solid financial position. Therefore, the group has succeeded in becoming, a global leader in business field overall through 6 companies work in different fields.
Mission To leverage the diverse opportunities of our complex world, a company needs a clear direction, a strong internal setup, and people who follow the set course and turn plans and ideas into reality. And that’s exactly what our strategy does: it includes a sharper customer and business focus, streamlined governance and an integrated management model that defines the concrete targets and measures required to closely follow the course we’ve set.

Strategic framework

To be successful, a company needs more than concrete financial targets. It also requires a comprehensive strategic framework that closely aligns the central fields of company management. Vision 2020 defines this framework for Koleex.

Customer and business focus
Customer and business focus also includes setting clear priorities for resource allocation in the future. We’ll utilize the power of our employees, our technological expertise and our capital in a more targeted manner in the areas where they’ll create maximum value for Koleex. Positioning our Company rigorously along the value chain of electrification and allocating resources in a targeted manner will enable us to access the fields that promise to provide us with long-term profitable growth.


We want to lead Koleex in such a way that we focus on our customers at all times and further expand our market penetration while maintaining lean and flexible structures. That’s why we’ve selected a market-integrative setup that combines a common regional organization with a coordinated vertical approach. Against this backdrop, we’ve retailored the structures and responsibilities of our businesses, our Regions and our corporate governance functions.

Management model

A strategy sets the course. In the end, however, it’s implementation and results that count. To enable us to manage our Company more effectively, we’ve expanded One Koleex into an integrated management model that combines under one roof the overarching targets and priorities with which we’re implementing our strategy throughout the Company.
Overview Overview

Koleex International Group, established in 2012 it located in Cairo, Egypt, Koleex work in manufacturing and trading products specializes in garment industry equipment such as sewing machines, ironing systems, garment printing machines etc.., Koleex have many other activities and it work with a new management concept that what make unique and distinctive.


Koleex International Group established by the third generation of one of the oldest founders specialised in garment equipment industry in Egypt, El Shafey family. El Shafey Family is well known of working in the field of all types of garment equipment industry, the third generation is start to continue the success by making a lot of improvements and developments.


In 2013 the board members decided to work on many developments, aiming to improve management performance and products quality and service. consequently Koleex was given the lead in garment industry under the name Made in Egypt and now Koleex exports its products to more than 12 countries around the world. Koleex expanded its sales network for now it has many branches and international agencies around the world also their products represented Egypt in some of international exhibitions in different countries.


All board members, managers and workers experience a lot of challenges, they race against time to achieve the best results in record time. Koleex International group aim to achieve more success to it's clients through using advanced and modern methods in industry and business process management. Further more Koleex international group does not rely on traditional methods it depends mainly on the energy of youth and their vision. Koleex International Group became unique in business to business area through using some long term policies and theories, therefore we believe we have a great responsibility towards building the future.
Phone +02 02 43115157
Web site http://www.koleex.com

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