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Mission Bmakkine Country Club, embedded in the glorious Lebanese mountains, overlooks Beirut and the coastline in a natural setting that transports you to the traditional Lebanese countryside in just 20 minutes from the Capital. There, individuals starting from 7 years of age can bask in almost all year round sunny weather and practice the sport of horse back riding under the trained eyes and capable hands of owner/trainer Ahmad Reda.

Ahmad had ample training courses in Austria and London and brings with him modern as well as advanced training techniques that cater to novices and experts in the sport alike. His training extends from professional horse handling, show jumping, flat work to dressage through a selection of well trained and docile horses that make this sport a pleasure. The club also has the option of catering to private horses that includes lodging, food, water, exercise, and basic care. For the experts in specific, they can take the horses out for a heart racing adventure in the natural countryside in a convoy of friends, horses, and memories…

It was once said that “Man would have been a Slave had not the horse made him a King…”

Bmakkine Country Club
Passion for horses, nature & adventure..
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Location: Alley, Lebanon

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