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About Our services are guaranteed to make you stand out of other hospitality businesses, may it be a hotel, a restaurant or a cafe - rahc.hospitality@gmail.com
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In regard to the ever growing hospitality industry around the globe, a lot of investors are attracted to the lucrative profits and the glamour hidden behind the walls of a hospitality business. The hospitality industry of Pakistan is no less, the only difference being that there is a major shortage of professional individuals to whom an investor can look up to seek professional expertise and consultancy.
This reason alone is the major factor behind the failure of major investments into the hospitality businesses in Pakistan. According to a recent survey of the MM Alam Road in Lahore, Pakistan, almost 14 new hospitality establishments open it’s door for the public every year and on an average, 8 establishments close down on an annual basis due to failure and loss.
Most conveniently, the blame is transferred to the poor luck for the misfortune but according to another international survey, 90% of the successful hospitality businesses around the world give credit to a hidden hand for the success and profits of the business.
We call that hidden hand a “hospitality consultant”!

“RAHC” is a hospitality consultancy business being run on the basis of a sole-proprietorship by Raza Abbas. We are a fairly new comer into the growing hospitality industry of Pakistan and the reason behind our roaring success has been the thrive to bring innovation and originality into the upcoming hospitality projects.
The market of Pakistan has been following the unethical norms of head-hunting and concept replicating which has most of the times resulted into loss of large sums of investment and efforts. Not only this, investors have recently been facing a serious problem of being black-mailed by their employees, particularly head chefs, who are keen on getting their earnings hiked. It doesn't come to us as a surprise because after all, the core reason of success behind any hospitality business is the food aided by a smooth, fool-proof service, both if which are never transferred to the investor by the greedy employees.
We at “RAHC” differentiate our self on the basis of empowering the actual investor to learn the day-to-day running of the establishment along with having a thorough food and service knowledge. We also provide the services based on our extensive expertise that are required to fill in the gap between a normal next door business and a professional profit making business in terms of Food & Beverage, Customer Service, Ambiance, Project Management, Human Resource, Cost Control and Business Development & Operations.
Our services are guaranteed to make you stand out of the local hospitality business, may it be a hotel, a restaurant or a cafe.
Mission To come neck to neck with the International quality of hospitality through aggressive attitude and up to date modern trends.

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