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About High End Junkie (HEJ) - Is a trending street wear brand making noise out of Chicago, that features hand-painted apparel

Description High End Junkie (HEJ) - Is a trending street wear brand making noise out of Chicago. This project is the brainchild of two first cousins from the inner city, who do not consider themselves to be fashion designers, but merely visual artists using a new canvas.

The brand officially launched in 2013, and features 1:1 custom hand-painted apparel. There haven't been any mass production, major distributors, investors, or celebrity endorsements to date - this brand is driven off of passion.

The "White Lines" collection features pieces marked in bold font with "Junkie," High End" or "96."

“1996 was the year of a lot of things that mattered to the hip-hop community. A lot of shorties in urban areas were exposed to things they could only dream of attaining. Fashion, Art, and Music influenced life. I remember watching videos seeing cats with Versace shades and Coogi sweaters on yachts, and in Bentleys popping Cristal thinking man I want to live like that. It was a dope year, and it inspired dreams beyond the hood, but it also birthed an addiction. Just one taste of the status that these things brought, and you were a HIGH END JUNKIE for life. We introduced the '96 pieces not expecting them to be as well received as "Junkie" or "High End," but they have been moving fast. I'm in awe every time someone submits an order. This is our love and we are honored to have people want to wear our art. It's a blessing."
–Q (Creative Director for High End Junkie)

As of late HEJ is rapidly emerging onto the national market. HEJ keeps an ear to the streets, and is heavily engaged with clients and supporters via Instagram and local events. The brand is looking to fill the void of unique and exclusive style, and give patrons something that no one else can say they have.
HEJ is planning to mass produce - but as of now each piece is uniquely handcrafted.

Follow the team on IG @highendjunkie
Orders or Press Inquiries: highendjunkiewear@gmail.com
Web site http://www.gofundme.com/highendjunkie

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