Dominica's New Dimension Theatre

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About Our emphasis is to create a vibrant theatre company and to promote Dominica's Culture..
Description The New Dimension Theatre was founded in 1983 by the present Artistic Director, Steve Hyacinth. It aims include the training of young people in all aspects of the theatre and also development of and promotion of theatre throughout Dominica and the Caribbean at large. Our emphasis has been on the creation of a vibrant theatre company and the production of high quality performances. Through its performances the group seeks to provide our youth and community based groups with the opportunity to unearth the talents, skills and creativity which lie deep within them and to build and sustain the entertainment industry in Dominica.

The New Dimension Theatre has been increasing the talent and skills of members over the years, and it has been able to keep the local theatre alive and to see young talent blossom. Since 1983, the theatre has produced twenty nine (29) captivating, rich and creative drama through the use of a variety of theatrical forms-genres and styles.

Membership is open to anyone who has a love for the theatre and is drug free. Members are allowed to develop in all technical aspects of the theatre: set designs, sounds, lights, backstage work, acting, stage management, make up, writing and directing.
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