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D.T.S. started work in June 1980, making lamps for domestic use and commercial spaces with optical fibres and anything else that the technology of those days offered.
Refining its production capacities, in 1987 the company became the supplier of several giants in the lighting technology sector.
This was an experience that taught a great deal, because this collaboration meant achieving very high standards of precision in the construction of optical units and other critical components of lighting systems.

In 1990 D.T.S. set up its own R&D department and bought its first numerical-control machines.
Production autonomy was the new company target.

Since 1996 D.T.S. has entered a new and more mature period of growth, based on four cardinal points: teamwork, rapid product development, automation and high output.
Using numerical-control machines and robots, D.T.S. has created totally automated workstations, capable of high production volumes and extremely precise job processing.

D.T.S. has grown even more aggressively over the last five years, achieving development through the enhancement of marketing, the commercial sector and technical support.
And through the evolution of R&D department.
Through the extension of production facilities to 12.000 square metres and significant investment in new technologies.
This acceleration has improved the integration, flexibility and quality of the entire process, from design through to production, giving tangible results – the possibility of making products that are even more efficient, robust and reliable, and offering even better quality at a winning price.

If solid R&D is a prerequisite for long-term growth, the great specialization of D.T.S. co-workers represents a significant competitive advantage.
D.T.S. supports and cultivates constant learning as a fundamental value and a potent tool for its growth, and in-house and external training has become an integral part of the company chain of values.
Because in a team that works well together, imagination and spirit of initiative give added value to every product.


D.T.S. is an Italian company
D.T.S. products are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled at the D.T.S. plants in ITALY using the latest design tools availableand advanced automation, including numerical-control machines and robots.
D.T.S. distributes its products in 70 Countries all over the world.

A range of 20 product lines
Today D.T.S. is proud to offer a production range with 20 product lines and over 400 articles suitable for all uses, from concerts to clubs and from theatres to architectural installations, with a planned turnover that allows the company to constantly update its catalogue.
Product lines include: Moving head projectors, LED Moving head projectors, Laser Moving head projectors, LED Colour changers, LED bars, LED projectors, LED matrix systems, Scanners, Blinders, Stroboscopic projectors, Wireless DMX systems, DMX controllers, Dimmers, Theatre projectors, Follow spots, Par cans, Smoke machines.

D.T.S. wants to be not just a producer, but also a reliable partner
Selling a product means offering a value that goes beyond the product itself.
That’s why D.T.S. provides professional consulting for the choice of the best products for different needs; comprehensive after-sales assistance; specialized solutions for adapting D.T.S. products to the customer needs.

D.T.S. quality system is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard
However, ISO 9001:2008 certification should not be seen as an exceptional achievement, because it merely expresses the long-held idea of how a company should work, and the firm belief that resources, production procedures and internal organization must always be oriented towards total customer satisfaction.

D.T.S. is committed to the environment
D.T.S. operates in an area characterized by low-level industrial installations just a few kilometres from the beaches overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
The company makes every effort to operate in a manner ensuring minimal environmental impact on such an impressive natural context.
In this regard, D.T.S. has implemented efforts in three spheres: * recycling of raw materials; * management of residues; * efficiency and energy saving.
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