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About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Miss Mustard See Milk Paint, vintage home decor, local artisans, boutique items........
perrfect combination of old and new

Description A lovely little family owned shop nestled in Strasburg, the heart of Lancaster County, PA.
We offer our collection of handpainted furniture, vintage finds, and handmade items to help you create and embellish your style in your home.
We want our shop to be a place where can pick up a meaningful little gift for someone special, so you'll find ideas for that as well.

People always ask, "where do you find all this stuff"? Well, I spend time combing these beautiful back roads of Lancaster County for things that catch my eye, things that can be made useful again and add beauty to our homes.

My thoughts on home decor.

Forget the rules.
Surround yourself with what is beautiful to YOU!
Make sure it's livable and comfortable.
It is not about money!

We carry Miss Mustard Milk Paint.
Phone (717) 288-2504
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