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About The Blues and Rock Band, Pune, India
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Who hasn’t gotten a case of the Blues? I mean all of us have ‘Monday Morning Blues’. You have a break-up, you get the Blues. You have a ‘fat day’, you get the blues. So it’s no wonder that the genre of Blues is often associated with (and evokes) feelings of misfortune, treachery, regret and sadness.
And true enough, blues lyrics often talk about personal hardships, things gone wrong. But the Blues are not just about self-pity. The Blues were born out of the need to vent out the frustration, about saying what was felt. The Blues was about putting aside the struggles and having a good time. The best blues music is intuitive and primeval. It is therapeutic and liberating. And most importantly, it’s about emotion, raw, basal emotion. From uninhibited joy to profound sadness, no form of music communicates more genuine emotion.
The Blues are rooted in American history, particularly African-American history. It's generally accepted that the Blues evolved from African spirituals, African chants, work songs, field hollers, rural fife and drum music, revivalist hymns, and country dance music. The blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th Century. Its inventors were slaves, ex-slaves and the descendants of slaves, who sang to ease their aches and pains as they toiled in the cotton and vegetable fields.
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