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About Hand made art & craft work
Description “… I believe that every space, every object, everything that we look at has its own history that was born from its past, and a nature that is gained from its surroundings, I listen to the space, and I simply show the world what this place story is…” Vahan Telpian

“… I don’t call my work projects, I call them art pieces, and every art piece that I give birth to, deserve that I search within me, to vanish all the past, and give my new piece a unique present…” Vahan Telpian

Born in 1963 to an Egyptian Armenian family, inheriting the Armenian artistic genes, and growing up in the multicultural Cairo, he was always drawn to the art, inspired by his father passion for photography, it was his first step toward paving his own unique path in the massive world of art. At only 17 he started to draw in the “Le Progrès Egyptien” daily newspaper, as a weekly painter, and that was only the beginning, mentored by great Egyptian artists such as Ahmed Fuad Selim, he graduated from the Faculty “Art Education” with honors in the year 1988/1989.

He always believed that art is not a rigid structure, that you can isolate one part from its whole, it's rather a complete connected coherence universe that we are part of, that led him to be a renounced painter and sculpture whose art pieces won various prizes and acquired by top collectors such as Mohammed Hassnin Heikal and Naguib Sawiris, his painting and sculptures were presold.

He was Egypt pioneer in introducing artificial rocks installations, and as early as 1997, he designed, constructed and decorated the artificial rock mountain and fountains of “Dream Land”, that was his starting point to conquer the design and implementation of, landscape, interior, exterior, lighting units and decoration world.

A partnership between Vahan Telpian and Eng. Ahmed Balbaa’ was developed for the past 15 years that led to create some of the breathtaking landscapes and resorts all over Sinai, as listed below, as his words state at the beginning, he believes that isolating a landscape from its nature and history, is anything but art, his love to nature and history, led him to produce a unique package as a designer, who allows landscapes to speak for itself.

His humanity side can be clearly viewed by his art piece in the 2 “Nabq Squares – Sharm El Sheikh” where he immortalized the labor force who made Sinai the heaven that it is today, his love of nature is unparralleled. He gives utmost priority to preserve the nature of any place he create his art within, with all this success he remains the same humble human who grew up in Downtown Cairo, with all the rich history, and cultural waves that can still be sensed in its street.

Vahan Telpian offers the complete package as a designer, from landscape design, all the way to the last detail of the furniture within his art pieces.

“… I am a human, another son of this universe, and my love to this universe, is by allowing my other brothers and sisters, to shine and show their beauty… “ Vahan Telpian
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