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About Swimming Pool maintenance experts.
Description Crystal Pool is group of Swimming Pool experts with extensive experience of over 3 Decades.
We provide Swimming Pool maintenance services, filtration plants, pool heaters, chemicals, pool lights as well as installation and repair services.
Crystal Pool is a one stop solution for all your Pool & Spa needs.
Our wide range of satisfied customers is the proof of our unmatched expertise.
Crystal Pool is a reliable name to ensure Crystal Clear waters in your Pools.

At Crystal Pool, we believe in attention to detail and provide exceptional pool, spa, and fountain service and repairs at affordable pricing. We not only perform our own repairs but provide complete swimming pool service for both residential and commercial properties. Our daily service will consist of cleaning, inspection, and preventative maintenance ensuring chemical balance, clarity, and efficient functionality. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations. We are committed to excellence.

Weekly pool service (chlorine and salt systems)
• water testing and adding of chemicals
• emptying skimmer and pump baskets
• backwashing filter as needed
• vacuuming pool as needed
• brushing pool walls and tile
• inspecting pool equipment
• bottom debris removal
• netting pool surface

Seasonal Maintenance
• cleaning filters
• pool conditioning

Installation and Repair
• pumps
• motors
• filters
• heaters
• skimmers
• auto-fills
• timers
• pool lights
• plumbing leaks
• automatic cleaning systems (pool vacs)

Why Crystal Pool Service?

If you are searching for a new pool service or pool repair company in Karachi, you should consider giving Crystal Pool a shot. Our pool service and repair company specializes in residential and commercial swimming pool, spa, and fountain service in Karachi. Our highly experienced pool service technicians are skilled in all types of pools and spas. We also have the ability to repair all types of pool and spa equipment and pricing for our pool service and repair work is always reasonable and competitive. We value exceptional customer service and honesty at Crystal Pool. If you are looking for a pool service and repair company you can trust.. Call us today.
Phone 03212038580

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