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Description The sweetest things in life are handmade

The story
What started as an experiment with a sauce pan and some sugar has today created a brand that’s oozing with delicious credentials. After his Masters from Australia, our founder Mr. Prabhu along with his brothers Mr Sathish Kumar and Mr Dinesh Kumar entered the confectionery business by packaging and selling mints made in the USA. Branded as ‘POW’, the brand was a favorite among millions across markets in no time. Encouraged by the success of POW, we launched Zubi – a range of flavored mints manufactured in our own factory in Chennai, India.

The success
It was our founder’s interest in handmade candies that persuaded them to learn the art from International experts and start their new project - Zubi’s range of handmade candies and lollies.
Today, Zubi enjoys the status of one of the most popular and favorite brands across the country and is also exported to International markets.

The process
Zubi’s Candy Factory is a state-of-the-art facility where we make a range of handmade candies and lollies. The process employs a team of experienced artisans. We owe the stupendous success of Zubi to our consistent and stringent quality measures. Approved by FSSAI and praised by government food invigilators, our factory boasts of a swanky facility equipped with indigenously developed tools and methods. It is fully air-conditioned and we have used only the best of food grade equipments, utensils and gear that match international standards. We only use double refined pure sugar and super concentrate colors and flavorings specifically made for candy making, which are used by confectioners in Europe and America.

Within a short span of time, we have mastered the unique process of hand pulled candies, a traditional method popularized in Europe during the 1700s.

The difference
We make Hand Pulled Sugar Candies, not hard boiled sugar candies. Our range of gourmet pulled candies are not only irresistibly tasty, they are also healthy and safe to consume. We do not add harmful chemicals to whiten the sugar mass, instead, we use the traditional method of pulling - a process known as mechanical aeration. This process also adds the distinct crunchiness and texture of pulled candies. Though all our candies are hand crafted, in the entire process, right from pouring the sugar till packaging, the candies are not touched by bare hands. Our clean and sanitized environment is an example of our stringent quality measures.
The processes, the quality standards, hygiene and perfection, we consider everything to ensure that our candies are the best you would get. All these have enabled us to make Zubi a brand to reckon with. But if you ask us how we make our candies, we would humbly and delightfully proclaim “Handmade with love”.
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