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About Hi all, Meknes ALC Community is a community of all people interested in learning the English language. Through this space, students can communicate, exchange ideas and interact with each other. Join the ALC Community of Meknes!
Description Meknes ALC Community, as its name implies, refers to a community of all interested people in learning English language. Jihane Ben massoud and Elyazidi Rachid are two young ALC teachers who suggested the idea to create this space for students as a gateway to an effective communication. Some of the major objectives of this page are as follows:
1- Foster students' learning abilities
2- Help students get in contact with each other
3- Enhance students' communication skills through interaction
4- Bring new issues forward
5- Help students keep track of the current news in the ALC
6- Put forward hot debatable topics for discussion
7- Encourage students to share and exchange their thoughts and projects
8- Give the opportunity for students to publish their artistic works on the page
9- Provide students with interesting links for learning English
10- Let students express themselves.

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Mission Motivate students to learn English and show their potential.
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