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Description Tourism is considered as one of the largest industries in Nepal and backbone for the country's economic growth and social development. Nepal has its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, diversity of sight-seeing and adventure opportunities which attract the tourist from all around the world. Mt. Everest, highest peak in the World and the birth place of Lord Buddha has expanded the attraction towards tourism industry of Nepal. Tourism industry has been affecting the socio-economic growth of communities from different ways. Media has been playing vital role to educate, inform and entertain the people. It has been affecting the daily lives of people whether they are labors who work for hand to mouth or prime-minister that has the responsibility to lead the nation. Likewise, it has been playing great role to promote tourism industry. Unfortunately, Mainstream Media are only giving priority to political issues covering the whole page.

In such context, we feel need for media's significant role for tourism development affecting directly to the socio-economic growth of local people. To accomplish this great mission, "HIMGATHA" came into existence in the field of media industry of Nepal. Our main mission is to promote tourism sector through publication of monthly magazine "HIMGATHA". We would like to invite you to support us for making our goal possible. Thank you.
Mission To promote tourism industry of Nepal through www.himgathanews.com
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Web site http://www.himgathanews.com

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