The Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak

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About The Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak 2016 will be held on Sunday 15 May 2016 1.30am-5.00pm at Sydney Town Hall
Description The Australian Observance of the United Nations Day of Vesak is for all Buddhist traditions to join hand and celebrating Vesak together as an official celebration at the national level. It is the time that Buddhists come together, meet and get to know and understand each other better. Buddhists from different traditions may have their own way of celebrating the occasion and on this particular day they will have a chance to express their way to the audiences from other traditions as well. It is becoming an inspiring annual event that Buddhist monks from all traditions come together on stage for chanting. This picture shows the unity of the Sangha that will work together towards peace in Australia.
Mission Objectives
1. To better inform the public of the importance of the international day of Vesak.
2. To present the Buddhist value that help create peace in the society.
3. To unite Buddhist organisations.
4. To help Buddhist organisations understand each other better.
5. To help audience re-enforce their practice of the Dhamma.
Overview Co-organised by The Buddhist Federation of Australia Inc. and other Buddhist Organisations

*Spiritual Patrons

The Most Venerable Master Hsing Yun
The Most Venerable Thich Bao Lac
The Most Venerable Phra Sudhammayanavites Vi.
The Most Venerable Yi Lai
Chief Abbess Man Ko, Fo Guang Shan Australia and New Zealand
Venerable Thubten Chokyi


Chief Coordinator: Mr. Barry Dixon
Advisers: Venerable Phra Satit Thitadhamo 
Mr. Henry Dang, J.P
Media and Public Relations: Kelsang Lhachog
Ms Natasha Mitchell
Ms Nam Adhiporn
Performance and Entertainment Ms Dang Lan, Mr Andrew Williams
Master of Ceremonies, Program and Guest Speakers Ms Jenny Needham , Mr Andrew Williams
IT and Publication Mr Trong Ho, Mr Khoa Ngo
Fundraising activities Mr Tue Quan, Ms Binh Ngo, Mr Tuong Bui, Ms Hien Le, Tue Dat
Organising Committee members Kelsang Lhachog,, Mr. Tue Quan, Ms Hien Le, Ms Jinny Kulawadee Pariyaworawong, Mr. Minh Hoang Le, Ms Ngan Binh Ngo, Mr Trong Ho, Mr Tuong Bui, Ms Nam Adhiporn, Ms Dang Lan, Ms Jenny Needham, Ms Tam Hoa, Mr Andrew Williams, Ms Natasha Mitchell
Event Reception Ms Ngan Binh Ngo, Ms Jinny Pariyaworawong, Ms Tam Hoa
Phone 0296551128
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