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  • Shashi Kant Mishra
    Shashi Kant Mishra

    Shashi Kant Mishra 703B, Shivam Apartment Bhandup V Road West Mumbai 400078.INDIA mob 91 9304092545 Twitter @Shashik35672955 email To PRODUCERS/ DIRECTORS Kind Attn: Dear Madam/ sir I have written a film script for RUKHSHANA. It is in plain English but the dialogue is written in Hindi and English as well. Through changing the language of its dialogue, the film can be produced in any language. It is a heroine-oriented script. In my views, you can create the miracle in the English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu films. In my view, the synopsis of any script is not an entertaining structure of words. It is just an emotionless structure of words that never represents the film script. Yet I write the synopsis of my film script RUKHSHANA as follows: If the following synopsis is for your interest, please instruct me to supply you a copy of My Screenplay “ RUKHSHANA” The synopsis is as follows: Rukhshana and Tapan are neighbors. They live in the outskirt of the city of Dhaka. She is very aggressive, possessive and obsessive about Tapan. She develops innocent love at the very beginning of the school stage, While Tapan is an honest boy. Both are very loyal to each other. Rukhshana becomes the gynecologist. Tapan becomes the pediatrician. Rukhshana father Dr. Nazrul is also a surgeon. Rukhshana and Tapan got engaged with mutual consent of their father. Her father wants that Both of Tapan & Rukhshana should marry in the free nation of the European country. They should settle there to live in peace. In the meanwhile Pakistani army rape the girls of the Dhaka University at Jagannath Hall. Despite Rukhshana protest, Tapan joins the Bangladesh Liberation Army. Rukhshana unwillingly follows Tapan. Tapan is caught by the Pakistani army and he is burnt alive. Rukhshana is brought to Pakistani Army camp to make sex fodder. But the Indian Sikh regiment liberates Rukhshana from the Pakistani Army camp. She returns to her home where her father becomes underground. She is alone. To grab her property her cousin brother Aftab sells her to a human trafficker. The human trafficker sells her to an international brothel at Sandrup Jhonkar. She doesn't accept the profession of harlots. But she is there to treat all. Later, one young boy, Sunil is brought to the market of beauty by his friend. He approaches Rukhshana and proposes to her. Rukhshana tells him that no one marries the harlot. But he is an obstinate man and finally meets the landlord to get the Rukhshana. The entire union members of the harlots support her marriage. She goes with Sunil to his hut. She opens her clinic and school. She helps Sunil in the business. Prosperity kisses their feet. She gets some harlots from Samdrup Jongkhar. She, Sunil goes to Dhaka along with the harlots. She meets her father at her home. Misfortunately the brothers, fathers, husbands of the harlots don't accept them. Rukhshana makes a trust TAPAN REHABILITATION HUB on the land of her fiance Tapan. Her father is a chairman of that rehabilitation hub. She comes back with Sunil to India. Until today she doesn't allow Sunil to make physical relation and lip-lock in absence of her medical report. Sunil is a mere a recluse. But today she goes to City Palace hotel to celebrate her honeymoon. Sunil to the waiter: Please don’t disturb us in the morning. If we need something, we will call you on the telephone. Now I am going to perform my husband duty and the door closes with a huge noise The waiter with squinty eyes sees into the camera and tells the spectators; Why are you here? He went on to perform the husband’s duty. You also go to perform the husband’s duty. THE END THE END THE END This story is based on my novel AMAZONS LOVE copyright L-59764/2014 RUKHSHANA screenplay is also registered with SWA 358226 date 17 January.2018 It has the tragic end also but not recommended for Indian cine goers. Yes, it can be exhibited in the European and American countries. You may check the screenplay. If space is there in the film I can extend some extra scene also with a mutual consent of your editor. But it is an explosion of intense love, bravery, violence and the sacrifice. Please note I can make/ change the script as per your resolution. Shashi Kant Mishra Screenplay writer of Rukhshana 2/8/2018

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