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Description She Does Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a Taiwan cosmetic supplier. All products supplied by the company are manufactured in Taiwan. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has successfully developed masks and false eyelashes with commissioning to plants within the Taiwan territory for manufacturing. The excellent and stable product quality has contributed to the steady supply and sales to countries in Europe and Asia over the years. To meet the market demand for practicability in skin care, She Does Cosmetics Co., Ltd commits R&D efforts to in facial mask. This year, the Minimalism Facial Mask has been officially become the professional and unique selling brand of skin care from She Does Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

席德仕國際有限公司,為一台灣化妝品供應商。所有供應銷售的產品,均是在台灣製造。從2000年至今,成功研發面膜與假睫毛,並委託台灣境內的工廠生產,產品品質優良穩定,多年來,穩定的供應銷售歐洲及亞洲國家等多國。為了滿足市場化妝保養品實用性的須求,席德仕企業團隊努力研發實用的面膜,今年,Minimalism Facial Mask,正式的成為席德仕專業獨一銷售面膜的品牌。

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