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About Gulsen Dikturk is an artist from Turkey that is based in Dubai, UAE. Originally an Archeologist, her passion for arts turned her into a full-time artist.
Description Gulsen Dikturk is the first and only Turkish woman who has enjoyed creating and hosting her own TV show on Dubai TV for 16 years starting in the '80s. She is remembered by many from her show 'Arts & Crafts with Gulsen Dikturk'. She uses common household materials and magically transforms them into unique and tasteful pieces of art. A true artist, she creates everything from anything! She shares her creations on television as well as books. Her main focus is household decoration and jewelry.

In addition, she also has her children's book series that teaches young children the importance of honesty, obedience, hard work and family. Set in a beautiful world where butterflies and bees are friends who dance and sing, these books also install love and respect for animals and mother nature as well as gently educate the young ones in a delightful way.

She continues her freelancing on various TV channels.

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