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About Sports Elements is the leading 'one-stop-shop' for fitness & sports gear, carrying over 50 brands of products in Singapore, ranging from boxing to yoga gear. See our locations here: http://1.shortstack.com/BNFmcN. 日本語: http://bit.ly/2qtidHt
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Sports Elements is a leading homegrown fitness wear and fitness gear retailer in Singapore. Founded in 2000 and operated by Sports Elements Pte Ltd, our retail stores under the brands Sports Elements and exxe, have grown steadily from a single store to six outlet chain, and earned the trust of many in the active community as the go-to retailer for their fitness needs.

Working closely with over 50 international and local brands of sporting goods and active wear, Sports Elements brings together a carefully curated range of products for every fitness demand at every level. To this end, our wide-ranging product offerings can include anything from boxing gear to trendy yoga wear.

Many a time, we experience walking into big stores only to be met with subpar service and poor product knowledge by its staff. This is where Sports Elements strives to be different from megastores who may grow too big and too impersonal - by always providing a personal level of service and assistance in your search for the right fitness or sports products. Keeping our customers confident and comfortable in achieving their fitness goals is not just our top priority, it is simply in our DNA.

In a busy urban climate like Singapore, we make it easy for those who are pressed for time to walk in, pick and go with their purchases. Our stores are designed with this in mind, following an easy grab-and-go concept to make shopping for your fitness needs a breeze.

You can be assured that you will find our fitness ambassadors ever ready to assist you again once you are ready to hit your next milestone. This remains at the core of our service to our customers, who return and seek support, advice as they grow at every level in their fitness journey.

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スポーツエレメンツへようこそ。シンガポールで展開するスポーツ用品専門店です。2000年に創業したスポーツエレメンツPte Ltdが運営するスポーツ用品専門店・スポーツエレメンツ&エクシィーは、健康志向のコミュニティーから絶えず支持されて、今では6店舗を運営するまでに成長しました。


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Phone 6255 6439
Web site http://www.sportselements.sg

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