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About Dead Bound Publishing is an independent group of writers, artists, editors and creators to take control of artist's works of fiction from the hands of agents and publishers and putting it in the hands of those that had the vision to create it.
Description We're often asked where the name Dead Bound Publishing came from? Why name it that?

The reason the "morbid" name (although the explanation is anything but) is that we believe that what we write, what we create and what we leave behind is bound to the creative collective long after we are gone.

That when we create something that leaves a mark, not only on our soul, but on others, we are bound to that spark forever. That we made an impact and even if we are gone that is bound to our name and the one that created it forever.

Because even after we are Dead Bound, Creativity lives on forever in what we leave behind. So in a way, so does the one that created it.

Because all of us strive to leave something worthwhile behind.
Mission To give authors, graphic artists, editors and proofers a creative home to work together.

We are, where Creativity Lives.
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