Rock Drop and Roll

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About Based in Raleigh, NC ----> Party Rock with a shot of blues!! Find us at
Description Rock Drop and Roll is a Classic, Hard Rock Party Blues Band from Raleigh, NC. that takes songs that rock then we drop and roll them into our own arrangements. The edgy sounds, dynamics and versatile vocals make Rock Drop and Roll a band you cannot forget unless you are heavily medicated and under the personal supervision of a really hot waitress / waiter or bartender. Although we will not physically drive you home we will drive home our message that Rock Drop and Roll is the band to experience.

WARNING: Rock Drop and Rolling can be hazardous to your mental well being.Pregant women should be cautious before Rock Drop and Rolling. Children under 6 years should never be Rocked Drop and Rolled. Do not operate heavy motorized equipment after being Rocked Dropped and Rolled without the consent a qualified medical professional like Dr. Feelgood or Dr. Love.
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