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About Modern Raw Vegan Organic food & drinks with a focus on health. High vibe food with a conscious. We aspire to grow our own
Nettle Raw Cafe
Living Vegan Nutrition
The only Raw Cafe in Adelaide

Trained Raw Cheftress London born & bred. Healing with Kombucha & Raw food for many years. We live the lifestyle and have a strong interest in TCM, herbalism, nutrition, ayurvedic medicine.

Modern Plant Based Raw Vegan Organic food & drinks with a focus on health. We incorporate ancient & superfoods into our drinks menu including various medicinal Mushrooms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, & everyday herbs teas and foods used in Ayurvedic healing all designed to energise, nourish and stimulate you body and soul. High vibe food made in-house with love

We were voted as one of the 50 Healthiest Cafes in Australia by Women's Health Magazine in December 2014 and we are one of a kind in Adelaide.

We Support Small Local Business:
Teas by The Tea Catcher
Coffee Roasted locally by De Groot Coffee
Superfoods/Dry Goods by House of Health Central Market
Organic Fruit &Veg by Julia's - Two Wells

The Benefits of RAW

Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants and believe they can help to stifle signs of aging.

Raw foodism can include any diet of primarily unheated food, or food cooked to a temperature less than 42 °C

Natural enzymes, which are critical in building proteins and rebuilding the body, are kept and that heating these foods kills the natural enzymes and can leave toxins behind.
Typical foods included in raw food diets are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains and legumes.
Raw foods are believed to have higher nutrient values than foods which have been cooked
nutritious, vitamin rich, enzyme filled, alive

Raw is simple

Raw is clean
• Increase your energy & improve your memory
• Balance your metabolism, support healthy hormone levels & feel younger & sexier
• Build your immunological armada to reverse & prevent disease
• Repair adrenal, kidney, thyroid & reproductive health.
• Restore bone health, create healthy joints, lower inflammation
• Achieve peak performance, spiritually reconnect to nature
It's a change to things more original, more authentic and more pure
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