The Crimson Clouds

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About The Crimson Clouds is a Novel written by Ayodele Arowosegbe, who also goes by the pen name, Peter Sunday.
Description ‘Crimson Clouds’ is a contemporary thriller that gives an insight into how circumstances in the social lives of people born into the Nigerian elite affect the balance of power in a corrupt African state. It gives us a glimpse into the modern Nigerian society of the 21st century, set in the metropolitan city of Lagos. It is a place where elegance and squalor are next door neighbours. It shows the wide gap between the rich and the poor, and the greed for power by the elite. It is simple in its depiction of corruption and injustice in a rapidly changing society. It also takes a look at the way these realities have influenced the interaction of this society with the West, especially Europe. Some of the events take place in Europe, especially towards the end of the story. Europe is the place where the puzzles begin to fit together. It is where the greedy western business men have sealed deals with corrupt African leaders. The book also takes a look at how globalization has changed the relationship between Africans and the Europeans and the global nature of 21st century crimes.
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